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Zamaman Designs is set up to handle a wide variety of services geared to help your business grow to its full potential. The process starts with an idea, than we take your idea and form it into shape using sketches, storyboards, sample layouts and image manipulation. Bringing these elements together makes for the most rounded concepts and designs.

We have an extensive library of resources to draw from to complete your task. All products and designs are made for you with unique aspects that are individual to each project.

Web Design

Web site concepts, layout, and navigation for your web site. This is where we excel to bring you a solid looking layout and giving your web site visitors a clean easy to navigate web site.

Web Development

We can provide updates to your new or existing web site as well as server setup and service. We can also provide technical assistance for your current designer.

WordPress design & development

WordPress is not just for blogs anymore, we at Zamaman Designs have been working with the development of WordPress to utilize the vast power this framework has. We can create a custom theme for your WordPress install that looks and feels like a standard static web site,  an e-commerce site or a social media site.

Site Hosting

We provide yearly web site hosting at a price that is affordable for your budget. We also provide an easy PayPal method of paying for new hosting and renewals.


Zamaman Designs can also research the availability of a domain and if it is available we can purchase and maintain it for you at a low yearly cost.

Additional Services Coming